Barriers & Channelizing

Valtir is a pioneer vendor of plastic water-filled barrier, providing channelizing barricade and barrier wall systems for traffic safety, pedestrian safety, and perimeter security applications. Valtir longitudinal channelizing devices (LCDs) support ADA compliance and MUTCD regulations, and can pass NCHRP-350 crash tests.

Site-Safe provides Valtir product sales rental and service, including the 2001MB barricade, barrier fencing, airport barricades and safety barricades. Water-filled barrier provides many advantages over conventional devices due to its simplified installation, visibility, and adaptability. It is ideal for urban settings, short term or multi-phase projects, work zone hazard protection, areas with crime or trespassing risk, and many more practical needs.

Valtir Rentals Features and Benefits

Valtir barrier systems are lightweight, easy to deploy, and durable. An interlocking design provides a continuous surface in support of ADA provisions. Valtir barriers can be water ballasted to stabilize barricades while maintaining installation convenience. Barrier fence options enable visibility protection and safety from debris via tarp fencing, with no core drilling.

Valtir plastic barriers can be installed with forklifts and up to 600’ of barrier can be transported on a single truck, removing the need for boom or crane trucks. Multiple color options enable alternating colors to comply with delineation requirements in lieu of retroreflective material. Composed of heavy-duty polyethylene plastic, Valtir barriers offers extra positive protection.

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Industry Applications

Featuring multiple configuration options, Valtir barriers are suitable for a wide range of applications including municipal, universities, hospitals, and others where pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic requires channelizing, safety and security.

Traffic Control: Valtir barriers can be utilized as a barrier wall, longitudinal channelizing device, Type III barricade, sign support.
Construction Sites: Plastic barriers can be configured to meet site specific needs including barrier wall, fence applications, site containment, temporary work zones, sign stands, and more.
Airport & Military: Valtir offers specialized FAA approved airport barricades and perimeter protection defense barricades for emergency response and military applications.
Waterways: Floating Barriers delineate restricted areas via a visual security barrier, for applications including ship security, temporary work zones, and waterway traffic control.
Crowd Control: Temporary automotive and pedestrian channelizing barrier for public gatherings, sporting events, private ceremonies.
Universities and Colleges: Pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety and security for high foot traffic campuses, tournaments, work areas.

Testing Information

Site-Safe products meet Barricade, Type II, Type III and Longitudinal Channelizing crashworthy requirements. The following testing and approval specs are current as of 2012.

  • Barrier Wall TL-2: NCHRP-350 crash test standards for longitudinal barrier wall on 45 MPH posted speed zones.
  • Barrier Wall TL-3: NCHRP-350 crash test standards for longitudinal barrier wall on 62 MPH posted speed zones.
  • Longitudinal Channelizer: Proposed subsection of Barricades in the MUTCD. Proposed section # 6F.63.
  • Type III Barricade: NCHRP-350 crash test standards for barricades, particularly Type III barricades.
  • Barricade: NCHRP-350 standards for work zone traffic control devices.
  • Temporary Sign Support: NCHRP-350 crash test standards for temporary sign supports.

Compare Valtir Barriers to Conventional Barrier

The features and benefits of Valtir barriers provide distinct competitive advantages over alternatives including concrete barrier, conventional devices, and barricades.

  • Lightweight and portable, simplifying transportation, installation, and deployment flexibility.
  • Highly visible from greater decision site distances, clearly delineating travel paths and entrances.
  • Convenient add-on capabilities and flexible for many settings.
  • Portable, visible and versatile: Three reasons to choose water filled plastic barrier over concrete and other barricade products.